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MATOLA is situated outside Komga, in the beautiful province of Eastern Cape, South Africa.  We are tucked away in the malaria-free Kubusi Valley, only an hour's drive from East London airport and less than 30 minutes away from popular Eastern Cape beach destinations.  Within MATOLA you’ll find a combination of grasslands, rocky mountain slopes, a river and gorgeous river banks. The incredible rich diversity ensures an extensive range of fauna and flora. Our diverse landscape means there is something for everyone, and the well-placed lodge offers guests amazing views and a tranquil stay.


We are family-owned and managed, and our aim is to make MATOLA the ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers of all ages.  We have a long-standing love for the bush and animals, and after years of contemplation and yearning, leaving holidays on a downer wishing to run our own game farm, we took over MATOLA in February 2018.  We now wake up to our passion every morning, and sharing it with our guests is an honour.

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